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Achieve a whole new level of efficiency &
GHG emissions reduction in the combustion with
Efenco High Energy Ray Ceramic chip installation



HERC is a robust, reliable, & self-powered solution that initiates plasma-assisted combustion (PAC) in the industrial furnace.


HERC boosts combustion efficiency and lowers GHG emissions by unprecedented +18%.

HERC is designed to be retrofitted in existing industrial boiler systems to gain a higher return on assets and lower OPEX.

CAPEX investment break-even in 1.5 years

HERC, interacting with a flame...

high energy

...converts waste heat from combustion into...

plasma assisted combustion

more efficient


  • Natural gas to Hydrogen cost reduction

  • Reduction of CO2

  • Retrofittable

For industries like

  • Chemical

  • Steel

  • Pulp and paper

  • District heating & other HTPH services


We address >1MW high-temperature process heat (HTPH) companies on their path to CO2 neutrality.




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Stage II

2KW proof of concept prototype

Stage I
6W proof of


Stage III

Industrial preparation

Stage IV
0,7MW industrial validation

Acquired over 3.25m€ grants funding

Raised over 1.2m€ private funding

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What has been accomplished so far?

Where are we at today?


Industrial piloting

What's next?




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Retrofit full launch

OEM solutions

Mass production

What we do

Plasma Assisted Combustion is a fundamental physics principle, already known for tens of years, but only now being made commercially viably available due to the material science breakthrough.


Simply put— combustion burner will deliver 18% more energy output with the same amount of fuel burned. If Efenco’s patented technology would have been fully deployed already today, it’s total savings would be more than energy produced with solar worldwide. 

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver sustainable energy to humanity by rediscovering energy conversion solutions and increasing energy awareness.


We make it happen by developing perspective-changing energy conversion technologies along with state-of-the-art energy awareness information systems.


Our goal is to reduce energy waste in inefficient conversions and achieve a sustainable energy balance with the planet.

Our ambition

Our ambition is to eliminate one day's worth of carbon footprint consumed per year by 2030.

Note: As humanity, we currently consume ~82 million tons of CO2 per day.

Are you ready for 18% of acceleration?

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Efenco Team

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