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18% Increase in Thermal Conversion Efficiency

A Ground-Breaking Solution for
High-Temperature Industry

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Sustainable Energy

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Efenco is a deep-tech company on a mission to deliver sustainable energy to humanity.

Efficiency gain

The HERC* prototype has demonstrated an 18% combustion efficiency gain in industrial validation in 2022**, with the potential to transform the entire combustion industry.


Our cutting-edge technology combines quantum and plasma physics, nanotechnology, electronics and electrochemistry to create innovative solution for the energy sector.


Over 7 years of research and development has resulted in a breakthrough in conventional thermochemical combustion. The Efenco HERC* solution allows to increase the combustion efficiency of natural gas up to 40% and for hydrogen up to 75%.


Efenco has a granted patent and a pending patent application for HERC* Tech. We have secured €4.5 million in funding to date, with an additional €8 million in EIB*** equity investment planned for 2023/24.

* High Energy Ray Ceramic

** Durability pilots start in '23

*** European Investment Bank

A world in Energy Peace

Pioneering the path to energy peace through efficient energy conversion solutions.


To deliver sustainable energy to humankind through innovative technology and increasing awareness through learning.


A world in Energy Peace where energy consumption is harmoniously aligned with the planet's well-being.


To make a significant impact on reducing energy waste and its harmful effects on the planet by eliminating the equivalent of 77 million metric tons of CO2 emissions by 2030.

  • Sustainable planet,

  • sustainable business and economy, and

  • clean energy for people.

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We Transform Waste Heat from Natural Gas Combustion into Reaction Efficiency with HERC* Chip

* High Energy Ray Ceramic

* High Energy Ray Ceramic

Our Technology

HERC* revolutionizes industrial heating with breakthrough PAC solution expanding thermochemical combustion boundaries.


HERC* Tech is a patented method for generating low-temperature plasma by converting waste heat from redox reactions (and/or other heat sources) into a flux of ionizing radiation.


The technology is embodied as a family of self-powered vacuum nanoelectronic units in a form factor from chip to ceramic tiles.


HERC* utilizes plasma-assisted combustion (PAC) to dramatically increase combustion efficiency.


The self-powered, easy-to-install HERC* chip and nano-ceramic forms are designed for use in existing and new industrial heat systems.

* High Energy Ray Ceramic


The HERC* technology is embodied as a family of self-powered vacuum nanoelectronic units in a form factor from chip to ceramic tiles.

The units are used in high-temperature industrial boilers to increase significantly thermal conversion efficiency ⎯ 18%

* High Energy Ray Ceramic


Industries We Serve

We focus on industries requiring temperatures above 300°C

Iron and steel, pulp and paper, chemical and district heating, power generation, cement production, glass production, steel production, ceramics production, etc.

Manufacturing Assembly

Iron & Steel


Industrial Smoke



Image by Lalit Kumar

Pulp & Paper


Cement Factory



Image by Victor

Chemical &

District Heating

Image by Crystal Kwok



Learn about our HERC technology

Unbeatable Benefits

Delivering unbeatable benefits to the industrial heating sector.

Retrofittable Design

HERC* can be easily installed into existing infrastructure, without the need for rebuilding or upgrading. It can be installed in less than 1 hour, with simple plug-and-play capabilities.


HERC* operates without any external power source, making it a cost-effective solution. It is self powered by gaining energy from the waste heat of the combustion.

Durable & Reliable

With no moving parts, HERC* is robust and compact, ensuring long-term reliability with minimal maintenance and low operating costs. HERC* is a game-changer for industrial heating processes, combining efficiency, affordability, and sustainability in a single solution.


The semi-empirical model based on the Jahn-Teller effect provides additional enthalpy in the  thermochemical combustion, resulting in a potential increase in efficiency of up to 40% for natural gas and 75% for hydrogen.

* High Energy Ray Ceramic


Work wit us

Work with us!

Join us in our mission to eliminate one day's worth of carbon footprint by 2030.

Company Culture
  • Empowerment

  • Transparency

  • Accountability

We take responsibility for our actions and promises, while fostering a culture of trust, openness and accountability through transparent communication and regular feedback.


Our shared goal is to make a positive environmental impact by fostering innovation and collaboration. We believe in eliminating 77 million metric tons of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere by 2030. 
That is one day's worth of global CO2 emissions. 

Join our purpose-driven team dedicated to building a sustainable future.


We practice a healthy work-life balance with Efenco's commitment to employee well-being, offering flexible work options that adapt to your unique needs and creative lifestyle.


We acknowledge and recognize personal growth and the expansion of capabilities that will help Efenco become a leader in energy balance. We share victories together and reward simple action.

Explore our current open positions.


Financials & Funding Rounds

We are excited to invite investors to join us on this journey to transform the industrial energy industry with sustainable and innovative solutions.

Future Of Energy

We believe that the future of industrial energy efficiency lies in innovative solutions that offer cost-effective, energy-saving, and sustainable alternatives to traditional combustion.

Unprecedented Growth

While natural gas is widely used as fuel in the HTPH* industry, the market for hydrogen industrial heating is in its infancy. This presents an exciting growth potential for our company as we aim to offer sustainable and innovative Green Transition solutions that meet the evolving needs of these industries.

Market Boost

The global market value for combustion equipment, devices, and systems in the natural gas industry was 118.4 billion euros in 2020. This market is expected to reach
€172.6 billion by 2028
with a 4.84% CAGR in 2021-2028. The combustion control systems segment alone is expected to be worth €20.7 billion (12%) in 2028.

Profit Increase

We are striving to capture a significant portion of this market by offering cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions that cater to the needs of HTPH* industry buyers. Our solutions help them save on operational, service, and maintenance costs, offer a long product life cycle and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

* High Temperature Process Heat

With a proven track record of success and strong financials, we have secured funding rounds that have enabled us to expand our operations, research, and development, and continue to innovate.

Explore Efenco's Impact and Growth Opportunities!

EIC highlihgts Jury.png

EIC Jury


European Innovation Council (EIC) Granted €10.5M funding (2022)

The jury was impressed by the breakthrough potential of the proposed technology. The team has built adequate IP and demonstrated how to monetize it.
Kristjan Järvan 300px.jpeg

Kristjan Järvan


Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology of the Republic of Estonia

HERC technology is particularly important in the context of the Green Transition and will help to create solutions that will benefit industrial companies in Estonia as well as in other countries.

Ivo Remmelg


1st Round Lead Investor

If all the Natural Gas combustion equipment were retrofitted with HERC technology, the potential energy savings would be bigger than nuclear or renewables combined.

Our Team

We are a high-performing team with the drive and a mission to deliver sustainable energy to humankind by developing efficient energy conversion technologies and therefore reducing carbon footprint, and bringing energy peace to the world. We value honesty, openness, and transparency. We support individual growth and self-realization.

Join the Efenco revolution and be a part of shaping the future of energy! 
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to join our team and shape the future, explore our investment opportunities or you are from an high-temperature industry and want to use our unit in your production process.

Contact Us

Thank you for contacting us! We will respond within 24 hours.



Valukoja 8,
Building D, 12th floor

Tallinn, Estonia



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